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pyramidscheme1.pngI am a bit late with this post as Blog Rush Fever has already grippedthe blogsphere, but time is money… and I do not have much time for Blog Rush.

I have described Blog Rush as a Pyramid scheme, because of the way it is structured.




Referrals pass credit back 10 levels:

  • 10 to the power of 5 = 100, 000
  • 10 to the power of 6 = 1000, 000
  • 10 to the power of 10 = 10 000 000 000

This assumes everyone gets 10 referrals, which of course they wont. So, the big money sites that first promoted the scheme will do well at the expense of the majority.

Blog Rush know that most people understand this, so, to get people to sign up they need them to believe that they can get referrals, hence the “big bang release”. Many people sign up in the belief that they are an early adopter, signing up in the first day or so.

As for the product itself, links I have seen are completely off topic and do not interest me at all.

I would suggest you run something in your sidebar that earns a little money, which you can use to buy PPC or reviews. In my opinion that will get you better results than trying to promote Blog Rush.

I think Blog Rush will go the way of Agloco…. a lot of wannabe network builders sign up and promote the product, but no one really wants to spend time clicking the links.

Figures I have read for the number of clicks to page impressions are pathetic.

I myself do not run the widget, but I do have an account which is building credits nicely thanks to SEO Black Hat and Black Hat Domainer (who SEO Black Hat accuses of code thieft!).

So far so good with the script, I am building credits nicely without having installed the widget. Tomorrow I will refine the script to make referrals a little more natural, leave it running on a Cron Job and forget about it….. I am not expecting any traffic from it.

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    Comment by David Hopkins

    Your diagram looks like the Bavarian Illuminati’s 13 degrees of initiation :razz:

    Sounds like this blogrush thing is a pile of crap.

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    Comment by SiteLogic

    Not sure if that was the old version, I managed to upgrade it to the one you see now, which is still pretty poor…

    Is that the same image that appears on the dollar, is so its quite appropriate ;-)

    Yeah BR is utter crap IMO… I put the script on cron earlier, randomising the number of impressions and running it every minute…. it seems to be weaving its magic.

    I had to laugh earlier when I read the post I lifted the script from say that he thought that they were using IP + Agent to identify unique users. The author went on to say something like:

    “This leaves two points of failure, the IP…. and the Agent”

    Reading that made my morning…. the fools ;-) (script randomises both IP and Agent….)

    Comment by Florchakh

    If their coders don’t fix it might be the biggest meltdown this year :mrgreen:

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    Comment by SiteLogic

    There is a note on their site today saying that click through’s are low because of people trying to cheat the system…. but saying they will resolve this and stop all abuse in the next few days…

    Also, my page impressions have stopped rising, so perhaps they have made some changes already…

    It will be interesting to see if they actually ban me or whether they want to keep all their users so they can flip the service for a silly profit ;-)

    If they start banning people, then people could use the script to target legitimate users… I would never do that but it will be fun to see how Blag Rash handle the abuse.

    I cant believe they released a product you can game with the reload every firefox plugin… how silly of them…

    Comment by Florchakh

    This is fine. There may be a great opportunity for Technorati to announce a better solution. :cool:

    Comment by SiteLogic

    Or My Blog Log, that is a far more genuine and useful product… without the Pyramid structure sending all the link juice back up to Shoemoney and John Chow…

    Comment by Florchakh

    Since folks from MyBlogLog staff enabled mass spaming I don’t use this service.

    Check this out http://www.income.com/blog/2007/09/21/introducing-blogrush-flavors-and-more-news/


    [...] or No? Sucessful Tips For Using Blog Rush Blog Rush Makes More Excuses For An Ineffective System SiteLogic Web Development Blog Rush: 3 Fatal Reasons to Nuke it Right Now Leave John Reese Alone – Blog Rush Is A Human [...]

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    Comment by Hamlet Batista

    Jez – Very good points. I decided not to waste my time on it for the same reasons

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    [...] and buddies from BlogRush still haven’t included ANY cover against spamming. Seems I have to agree with Jez and say that my first impressions were TOTALLY fallible. Below you can see bunch of stats from [...]

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    My thoughts exactly! The numbers just don’t add up, and if people earn hit commissions through people they refer then the surplus of owed hits will increase continually. Especially as Blogrush offers a 1:1 hit ratio, where does it “magic” up the extra hits? Sure it can give some from it’s site but the way Blog Rush is going there’s no way that will be enough.

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    Comment by SiteLogic

    It is not possible to get out more clicks out than you put in :!:

    I dont think there will be much traffic to be had anyway, as I said, everyone wants to be a network builder…. very few people seem to be clicking the links…

    Comment by Acopic Web Design

    I’ve been saying this about Blogrush for the past week or so yet nobody seems to be listening. All the hype seems to have blinded people to the fact that it is simply a pyramid scheme. I haven’t seen one good review by people who’ve used it, so I just can’t see it working. Maybe time will prove me wrong.

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