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Danielle runs her own blog offering Blog Marketing Tips for anyone who takes the time to read!msdanielle.png

When I first read this blog I thought it was a bit on the pink side, and probably wouldn’t be my kinda read :mrgreen: however, if you read the “About” page you will see that Danielle is a PPC manager (a fact I forgot about when I recently mentioned some of my more dubious ideas for site development :oops: ) and so, by default, Danielle has a good understanding of (white hat :razz: ) Internet Marketing and SEO.

If you go on to read her posts you will find a lot of blog marketing tips such as a recent post on Google Operators, Social Media sites, analysis tools and topics such as buying backlinks.

The content is good, I know a fair bit about the subjects on which Danielle writes and have still learned a few new tricks, so don’t make the mistake I did and judge a blog by its cover :roll:

I also like Daniels strategy for marketing this blog, she is adopting a sustainable approach and understands that it will take some time to develop the site.

As part of this process Danielle is offering a key-worded back link in her sidebar for 45 days and a link back in a post for anyone who wants to review her site using the key term Blog Marketing Tips.

For new blogger’s this will be far more worthwhile than writing reivew’s of high traffic sites for a throw away back link in a single post.

The linkback Danielle is offering will appear on every page of her blog and is guaranteed to send the Google bot your way, and will more than likely show up as link to your site. When the 45 days are up you will be left with the same value “post links” that the high traffic blog’s are offering, and, in my experience will be of far more benefit to you, especially as she will use anchor text of your choosing.

I will be watching to see if Danielle now renames her blog to further target her keywords :!:

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    Comment by Jules

    She is on my “watch” list. I’m excited to see all she has to write about.

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    Comment by SiteLogic

    Im watching her Alexa rank at the moment


    Its pretty vertical at the moment!

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    [...] any case, the three people who participated in this promotion were: Julie from JuliesJournal, Jez of SiteLogic, and Bobs from ReformatThis. I invite you to check out their blogs, as well as the reviews they [...]

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    Comment by Angelika

    Just letting you know that I’ve favorited your blog on Technorati as a part of the Technorati Favorites Exchange. :-)

    Here’s my link.

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    Comment by SiteLogic

    Thanks Angelika!

    I am working through the list favoriting everyone, I will make sure I get yours done today :mrgreen:


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