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I have been reading a few blogs and forums discussing seo recently, and my favourite so far is Busin3ss has both a blog and forum discussing black hat seo.

The blog has a few tips and tricks, but the really useful stuff is all in the forum, which can be found by reading about YACG on the blog!

YACG or Yet Another Content Generator is an open source application written by Busin3ss to automatically create websites including content gathered from a range or sources.

Busin3ss has just released some information on a private project he is working on, the black hat seo command centre!

Its a real shame Busin3ss is not releasing the source for this program, it looks really interesting, allowing the creation of new domains / sub domains on a server, automatically deploy websites onto those domains, harvest keywords and a lot more.

Busin3ss is however releasing a mass installer for his YACG project and other components used in the command centre and other readers of his blog / forum are already working on their own variants.

One of the most interesting things going on in the forum is a case study. Using these black hat seo tools, busin3ss is describing an attempt to make a LOT of money online by automatically generating thousands of sites over hundreds of domains.

Whether you agree with this stuff or not there is no denying the level of commitment and expertise being demonstrated here, its a really interesting read, particularly if you get access to the forum.

Accessing the forum is free, but you are asked why you want to join. I have no idea whether anyone has ever been refused access to the forum, but I was allowed in, so they can’t be that choosy :mrgreen:

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    Comment by Angie

    Black hat tactics are something I enjoy reading about, but I have to admit I’m not game to give it a try myself.

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    Comment by SiteLogic

    It depends on the site, I would not try it on a good site with lots of WH optimisation, but if you have an un-used domain then it can be fun to play with ;-)

    Comment by ms danielle

    i am not surprised by this announcement! :lol:

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    Black hat SEO is used by sites which are top in Google for very competitve phrases. Buying hidden links, etc.

    Google doesn’t care about it in many cases. The last “extra” case was ban of BMW.de.

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    Comment by David Hopkins

    Looks a good read. I like his tageline: spam 2.0. :razz:

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    Comment by SiteLogic

    Its the forums you want to take a look at…


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