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When working on websites / applications testing can be tedious, Selenium IDE makes that process a lot easer.

Selenium is available as a Firefox plug in and allows you to record your actions in the browser window.

Once installed you use Tools / Selenium IDE to open the control panel:


Then click the record button, and move to a browser window.

Selenium will then record your actions:


You can then ‘play’ your actions back, and save / export your test to run at a later point in time:


As well as recording from the browser, you can manually write your test scripts, using the comprehensive drop down list of options provided.

Interestingly the scripts, whether generated by recording, or using the GUI can be translated to a number of different formats for export, including HTML, which allows you to easily copy and paste processes from one test to another.

Its a really nice plug in for Firefox, which could be used to automate daily tasks as well as for its intended purpose of running test scripts.

A nice addition would be a scheduler, so that you could run your processes automatically throughout the day, perhaps the authors will add this in time, if not, there is another tool I am going to review which, although less flexible than Selenium does have a scheduler.

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    Comment by HMTKSteve

    Can I put this in a perpetual loop to visit web sites for me? One could do that to insure their mybloglog icon was always on page!

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    Comment by SiteLogic

    Unfortunately there is not scheduler on this one, so its not really suitable for that purpose, there is another program I will review which could be used to cruze sites leaving your avatar behind :twisted:

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    Comment by sri

    I am getting hits from this particular url

    What is this about?
    Why my site is shown or linked to here?
    Can you update me on this?
    Best regards

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    Comment by SiteLogic

    just a test script i was running, will do you no harm, sorry!!

    Comment by sri

    Where is our site linked to here?
    I am getting some hits from this url

    Please help understand as to why a link to our site exist here?
    Best regards

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    Comment by TJ

    How robust is this in terms of “scripting” mistakes. Can I ask it to vary actions at different points to allow me to try and simulate mistakes people might make in working with my site? Sorry if this is not clear.

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    Comment by SiteLogics

    It wont debug if that’s what you mean, you can script it to do whatever you want, but its really only for function testing, it cannot replace end user testing / acceptance.

    I will be using this shortly to test an upgrade, rather than give users ‘scripts’ (as in input / output) to work from, I can just run this. I can plant the tests in advance, and automate them on the day….

    Users can then concentrate on doing the stupid things you mention :roll:

    Comment by Kassper

    Thank you for this tips, they really come in handy! :smile:

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    Comment by Karen

    I have favorited you in my technorati. If you’d fav me I’d appreciate it. Thanks.

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