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This is my third, and possibly final post on automating website browsing!!

My previous two posts were Automate Website Browsing which discussed a browser containing a scheduler, so you can set it to browse sites at different times of the day, and Automatically Browse and Test Websites with Firefox which discussed the Salenium plugin for firefox.

Like Salenium iMacros is a plugin for Firefox which allows you to record whatever you do in your browser and then play it back again.

Once installed you need to access the plugin via View/Sidebar/iOpus iMacros …


After which you can start ‘recording’ !!


I much prefer this plugin to Salenium as it is a lot easier to use. Also, like Salenium all actions are recorded in a text file, so you can save your actions for later. Unlike Salenium the format of this text file is very easy to work with, so it can much more easily be modified, either by hand or by writing scripts to build up more complex actions.

You can set the recorded actions to loop over and over, re-visiting sites, you can also control the speed at which the browsing takes place, and the timeout if a page is not found.

It does not have the advanced features of Salenium which are useful for testing… but for automated browsing I think it works much better…. it is certainly a lot easier to work with.

Unfortunately it still does not have a scheduler, for that you will have to use the product reviewed in my Automate Website Browsing post.

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    Comment by Florchakh

    Okay, let’s record a track:

    1. Go to random web proxy
    2. Register on Digg with a random e-mail address in your domain
    3. Digg a random batch of stories
    4. … also Digg your story.
    5. Repeat 111 times late night

    Sounds great. But what’s about email activation? There is no problem with using 20 domains for playing the game, people say there is no problem with capcha, we should do something with that damned email activation… Wanna bring it? =D

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    Comment by Natron

    Might be good to use for limited testing of web application.

    (Comments wont nest below this level)
    Comment by SiteLogic

    Just activate the accounts manually, you only have to do it once….

    How about this instead…. load 600 myBlogLog url’s into it and leave your avatar on all of them :twisted:

    (Comments wont nest below this level)
    Comment by Florchakh

    Okay, but you are in need of using JavaScript to develop the “digger”, right? And you have to activate one hundred accounts, by email, manually? First issue makes me sick, but the second one sounds better – you just have to develop a script that will be able to check a mailbox, and visit a link… :twisted:

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    Comment by gadis

    Now, I use Firefox or mozilla because its very fast browsing :grin:

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    Comment by Steve

    iMacros is REALLY useful! :cool:

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