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In my last post I discussed a little program I use called URL Search which can be used to scrape URL’s before exporting them to a text file.

This has a number of uses, but most require further analysis, and for that you may want to check out PaRameter.

PaRameter is a free software tool for Windows which does little more than look up the Google page rank of a site, however, as it too can read in text files it works nicely alongside URL search.

Using PaRameter is so simple it hardly warrants explanation… but Ill run through it anyway…

First import your text file containing URL’s, or add URL’s manually in the input box:


This will import your list of URL’s as shown below:


Then click the “play” button to retrieve the page rank for listed sites:


And that’s it, not much to it at all, but when you have a lot of sites you want to analyse, it comes in really handy!!

If you want to try it you can get it free from CleverStat, it will send the odd announcement your way regarding CleverStat products, but I have used this many times and only ever received one popup…. it has not stopped me using it….

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