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My last post discussed PaRameter, a free program that allows mass analysis of websites page rank.

Back-Links Master is another free product from the same company, which, as the name suggests analysis back-links to a site.

As with PaRameter, I assume this software delivers advertisements from time to time, if that is something that concerns you then don’t use it. If I find any bots installed because of it I will update this post!! That said I did not have problems with PaRameter…

Anyway, using Back-Links Master is also very easy. When installing you decide whether you want to use the Google “link”parameter, or whether to do a literal search on your domain name. I went with the “link” operator as it shows fewer results, the ones that Google actually counts as being inbound links.


You can also configure the software to use a proxy if you need to.

Once installed you simply point the software at the domain you want to analyse and let it do its stuff:


This list can then be saved as a CSV file, modified manually and re-imported into PaRameter to check the PR of inbound links to a site.

These products do not offer you anything that you could not do with Google, however, they are very useful in automating this process, saving you time.

The fact that these lists an be saved and re-loaded and refined in the different programs is what makes them particularly useful.

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