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After reviewing a number of freebies available from CleverStat.com I was given an evaluation of one of the paid products to have a look at.

Accurate Monitor for Search Engines is a SERP’s analysis tool, i.e. it checks your position in search engines for given terms.

This tool will check your SERP’s in pretty well every search engine, in 50 countries. So, whatever your target market / search engine you will be able to do a localised or global analysis.


Furthermore Accurate Monitor can analyze 100 keywords across all search engines you select.

Another useful feature is the “Check First Results” parameter which determines how deep the search is, i.e. how many pages of search engine results the program checks when looking for your link.


One of the best features in this program has to be the scheduler, which allows you to very easily add events:


before using a Cron like scheduler to stipulate how frequently you want the job to run:


As can be seen from the above screen shots it is very easy to set this program up and leave it running every day or so.

Furthermore, you can create as many projects as you wish, and, as the scheduler can select individual projects to run, you are able to schedule analysis for several different sites.

When the analysis is run, either on a “Cron” job, or started manually you can see the progress of individual searches being run:


and when finished you get your results:


I have greyed out the actual keywords in the above examples, but you can see the search engine position for each term. As you would expect you can order the list by position etc. and all projects can be saved for later use.

Now where this program gets really interesting is in its ability to run reports and measures on your SERP’s.

You can set this thing running on a scheduler so it will go off and generate these statistics un-supervised on a rolling basis.

I have not had this program long enough to generate any decent reports yet, I will post an update when I have that data.

From what I can see though the reports are very comprehensive.

They show, by search term, all other sites that were in the were within the “check first results” parameter.

The position of your own site is also plotted on a line chart so you can see your position change over time.

The version I am reviewing here costs $99. Whether it is worth that to you depends on how much time you spend analysing your SERPs and tweaking your site.

Personally I think it is well worth $99 as I spend a lot of time checking different sites and rying to work out what is happening with them! Also, with the Dollar currently looking like the Rupee of the West now is a good time to buy (for those of us outside the US) :mrgreen:

I think this is particularly useful program for anyone experimenting with SEO, as it provides some very useful metrics which will allow you to see the effects of changes you make to your site.

It could also be used to help identify sites which are moving up the SERP’s for keywords you are competing for.

… oh yeah, as usual this is not a sponsored post… though I was given an evaluation copy to do the review…

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    Comment by CASH for COMMENTS

    Thanks. I’m going to look into this. Hopefully I can use the program. Seems tougher than it actually is. But I’ll give it a shot. Thanks for a good post.

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    Hm, I wouldn’t buy it. There are two reasons for making my decision:

    1) I don’t have windows :twisted:
    2) Google will ban you from querying it if you send too many queries. Wonder or not, this is true. When I was doing my usual positions report about 2 months ago I forgot to check positions for one site. So I decided to check positions on another day when I check for another site’s positions. And WOW, I got banned from Google for about 2 hours :) . Why? Because I sent too many queries.

    Of course, I am just human who requires some time to evaluate the results and find the position. Now picture an automated software which can do all tasks in a fraction of second. I am sure that G will detect it much faster. On the other hand, if you can set-up a delay bewteen queries (10-20 seconds for instance), then it could be worth it. Naturally, it would take a few hours until it finds all positions for defined phrases.

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    Comment by SiteLogic

    So what do you use Linux or Mac?

    I have other similar programs that allow you to slow down the number of requests, Im not sure if this one allows you to do that… but I haven’t been blocked… if I were I have DHCP connection and could aquire another IP within 5 mins or so ;-)


    I use Linux :) .

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