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I recently wrote a post on the fact that, after several months the DMOZ submission form is once again available.

Despite not really being ready I submitted this site, as I do not know when the opportunity will present itself again.

One of my concerns was the use of Adsense on this site, and the fact that it is often frowned upon. DMOZ state that they do not like sites that comprise largely of affilliate links (which Adsense links effectively are).

So, my dilemma is, do I:

  • Switch off my Adsense blocks in the hope of getting listed on DMOZ, which will benefit me long term in terms of traffic / page rank, but kill the small income this site generates (along with another blog I have also submitted)
  • Leave my Adsense on, make it harder to get listed (potentially) and miss the opportunity to get listed on the legendary DMOZ

For those that do not already know, DMOZ is an ‘open source’, human edited web directory, edited by volunteers. Not all sites get listed, DMOZ are quite particular. However, if you do get listed your page rank is likely to increase as Google and other search engines use DMOZ data.

The real problem is that DMOZ do not tell you if you site is rejected, and it can take months or even years to list a site (depending on the number / workload of editors within a category).

If I kill my Adsense I cannot make my site pay for itself, and it may well be in vain as the site could be rejected and I wouldnt even know. In short, I could leave my Adsense off without knowing my site had already been rejected.

When push comes to shove, this blog is hobby, Im not expecting to earn any real money from it, but it would be nice if I could cover the cost of hosting etc. On the flip side, I would happily kill all Adsense to get listed in DMOZ, if only I knew that it would make a difference…. or that my site had not already been rejected….

I have decided on a compromise, de-activating my inline Adsense (the ones that get clicks), and will wait and see what happens. If I get listed in the next couple of months I will leave these blocks off, If not I can always put them back…

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