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Archive for May, 2008

WP-Omatic is a wordpress plugin I have been using for several weeks on another site. Although it is in Beta it is a lot of fun, I have really enjoyed playing with it, and even took the time to make a small donation to the author. What WP-Omatic does is scrape RSS feeds. It does [...]

This is my third, and possibly final post on automating website browsing!! My previous two posts were Automate Website Browsing which discussed a browser containing a scheduler, so you can set it to browse sites at different times of the day, and Automatically Browse and Test Websites with Firefox which discussed the Salenium plugin for [...]

The market in Web Design templates is changing, its becoming ‘free’. I recently did a site for someone who had paid for a template, which, whilst ok was only as good as the average template available from the Open Source Web Directory. I have seen a few people ‘reselling’ templates for commercial companies, and to [...]

Learn To Touch Type

I am going off topic a bit here but I thought Id do a quick post on the benefits of touch typing! I spend a lot of time typing, at work and home, typing E-Mails, Blog Posts, letters and documents, programming, using chat clients… a lot of button pushing! I learned to touch type around [...]