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Archive for April, 2008

Black Hat SEO

I have been reading a few blogs and forums discussing seo recently, and my favourite so far is Busin3ss has both a blog and forum discussing black hat seo. The blog has a few tips and tricks, but the really useful stuff is all in the forum, which can be found by reading about YACG [...]

My last post discussed the Selenium IDE plug in for Firefox, which can be used to automate website browsing for testing purposes. A limitation of Selenium as an automated browser is the lack of a scheduler, which would allow you to browse sites at set periods. If this is something you want to do, then, [...]

When working on websites / applications testing can be tedious, Selenium IDE makes that process a lot easer. Selenium is available as a Firefox plug in and allows you to record your actions in the browser window. Once installed you use Tools / Selenium IDE to open the control panel: Then click the record button, [...]

Content Spinning with Content Solution

Another Web Application I have been playing with recently is Content Solution, a content spinner Content Solution can read in content from a range of sources, scraping content from Search Engines, Article Engines /sites, RSS feeds and text articles: The scrapes are separated by article or search and can be individually edited as required. Once [...]