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Archive for March, 2008

Collaborating on projects with people in different locations / organisations can be problematic. dotProject is a free open source PHP application which makes this process a lot easier. Being a web application it is easy to host / share across organisational / geographical boundaries. Being written in PHP means hosting is easy to find and [...]

Gaming Alexa

I have written a couple of posts on Alexa explaining why it is not worthless (it is used as a metric by advertising companies such as Pay Per Post). Now I thought I would add a post demonstrating why Alexa is worthless! I was looking at some of the “Movers and Shakers” on Alexa, and [...]

Ever wanted your personal copy of Amazon, well, if your mad enough, have a big enough hard drive and a very fast internet connection you can! There are a few programs capable of ripping websites, the one I use is HTTrack Website Copier which: Allows you to download a World Wide Web site from the [...]

MySQL Admin

A few days ago I wrote a post on using Easy PHP to web applications such as blogs, E-commerce and CMS on your PC. The advantage of running these applications on your PC is that you can hack them to pieces without affecting your live site! Before you can use the the applications though, you [...]

If you read Affiliate blogs you will have noticed an ever growing number of authors writing about the use of WordPress: Last month Kieron of here.org.uk wrote a short tutorial on how to build an affiliate site from scratch with WordPress, Kirsty from AffiliateStuff.co.uk introduced a really nice feed driven lingerie site using the revolution [...]

Grey Hat SEO vs PPC?

I have been reading a lot on SEO lately, and, have begun to explore the darker side of the subject, grey and black hat SEO. I find the subject interesting from a technical and SEO perspective as many of the methods require serious skill as well as a complete lack of ethics! What I am [...]

If you want to run PHP applications on a Windows machine you need Apache, MySQL and PHP. Downloading and configuring the three separate components can be time consuming, however there are some alternatives. Jon Lee Web Development recommends XAMPP a small application that bundles the programs together for convenience. I have not used XAMPP, instead [...]