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Archive for February, 2008

FTP to SFTP Bridge

Unlike FTP, SFTP (secure FTP) is encrypted to protect your data and passwords. It uses similar technology to SSH relying on MD5 certificates which are generated when the first connection is made. Some hosts will only allow the use of SSH / SFTP, which can be problematic if your HTML editor does not support this. [...]

Running The Alexa Widget

Some of you may have noticed my latest toy in the sidebar, this Alexa Widget: Now, a rank of 167k is nothing to be proud of and most sites would not want to publish such a poor score, however it is improving (it was 280k last week) and I like playing with Alexa. The reason [...]

NVU is a free (open source) alternative to DreamWeaver which allows WYSIWYG (graphical) editing of web pages. Whilst not as featureful as DreamWeaver, it will save you a lot of money! The main disadvantage of this product when compared to DreamWeaver is the absence of a split view, allowing simultaneous viewing of the graphical preview [...]

I was recently asked to write a script to re-submit information to a website automatically. The website in question was a business directory of sorts, which indexed listings according to the most recent update. I did not really want to do this and thought I would see if there was a FireFox plug-in that would [...]

I was reading an article on creating Favicons on HarpzOn.com, something I had been meaning to do for some time. Whilst HarpzOn shows where to download a professional icon generator in which you can edit images, I have always preferred to use Favicon From Pics. The reason I prefer Favicon From Pics is that it [...]

These are two of the best plug-ins I have seen for Firefox. Firebug allows you to view your site and and edit your code all in one browser tab. Mousing over elements on your page in this case the strapline: “Free Web Design and WebDevelopment” Highlights the relevant section of your code. Your code is [...]

In order to maximise Adsense earnings it is worth spending time experimenting to get the best return on your efforts! It is widely known that some Adwords pay very well, and others poorly, a subject a number of people have written about. A quick google for “Top Paying Adwords” or “Top Paying Keywords” will get [...]