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Archive for January, 2008

Website Insurance

What is your website worth, what would it cost to replace if the worst happened? These questions rarely seem to be asked by with regard to small semi professional sites. Whilst it is possible to insure business sites under umbrella policies, it is very difficult to insure a small media site for example. I have [...]

How to Spam Your WordPress Blog!

I have had a problem of late trying to hit keywords in one of my blog’s without degrading the quality of my content. This is a fairly common problem with SEO, the general consensus being that you should write for your readers, not for search engines. That is easier said than done, it is a [...]

Why would you want to run a blog on your PC? To experiment on it, test plug ins, and make modifications without bringing down your website! A lot of people don’t realise that you can run Web-Applications on a PC as opposed to the Internet, from where you can modify and test your application before [...]

Alexa is a traffic monitoring system that collects data about which sites users visit. It does this by getting users to install a toolbar into Internet Explorer. This toolbar sends data to Alexa about which site you are visiting allowing Alexa to track how many visitors a site receives. Alexa then sends back a ranking [...]

Cheap WiFi Card For Linux

If your looking for a Cheap WiFi Card that is Linux Compatible have a look at A Cheap Linux Compatible WiFi Card Most laptops now have wireless built in, however, if you have an older machine you would be well advised to buy the Edimax card above. I have used this card for two years, [...]

Want an E-Commerce site? With entry costs / barriers falling all the time more and more SME’s want to enter the market. Be careful, there are hundreds of people who will take your money in return for an all singing all dancing site, myself included but, without careful planning it will be nothing but a [...]

SEO for E-Commerce

A problem with many E-Commerce sites is lack of content. Without content it is impossible to get a good rank in search engines, leaving many sites reliant on Adsense. In order to get good search engine optimisation for your online store you need to bulk up your site. Consider Amazon, if you use their site [...]

Top CSS Tutorials

Here is a list of some of my favourite CSS tutorials: World Wide Web Consortium CSS Tutorials W3C offer the best free tutorials for beginners I have found anywhere. Whether you want to learn (X)HTML, CSS, PHP or a host of other technologies this site should always be your starting point. Sliding Doors of CSS [...]