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Archive for December, 2007

The Ultimate SEO Tool – WordPress?

It is surprising that more companies do not use blogging software like WordPress to promote their sites. As discussed in my previous post, sites like Review Me sell advertising on blogs, yet very few companies seem to have caught onto the fact that they can very cheaply and easily set up a blog of their [...]

If you want a free template for your website then there is only one site I would recommend The Open Source Web Directory I love this site, they have so many great design listed you really are spoilt for choice One of my favorite free web design templates is: Greenery Free Web Design Template I [...]

SEO The Search Tail

If you want to SEO your site and get some hits from Google searches (unlike this site, which I have neglected badly) then a good place to start is using the Free Keyword Analysis tools listed in a previous post. Using these Free Keyword Analysis Tools you can generate lists of relevant keywords and assess [...]

If you are looking for free web design tools then look no further than here: The Peoples Toolbox The peoples toolbox lists hundreds of free tools to assist in designing your website. Some of my favorites include: The Color Scheme Generator The name says it all, this site helps you select complimentary colour schemes for [...]

Free Keyword Analysis Tools

There are a few free keyword analysis tools available that can prove useful when trying to SEO your site. Microsoft Adlab Google Keywords Tool Yahoo Keyword Selector Tool (Formely Overture) Of these I consider the Microsoft Adlab the best Free Keyword Analysis Tool. It is the easiest to use and shows the number of searches, [...]

I’m not really into blogging, I had planned to build this site using a content management system such as Mambo but WordPress is so much easier I decided to blog it instead. Unlike a lot of bloggers I am not really into the blogsphere as such, preferring to use Google, Digg and Dmoz to find [...]

Google Maps UK Post Code

Google maps are fantastic! You can add a map to your site showing the location of your business, holiday home or just a point of interest. In the UK this is a bit awkward due to the fact that the Royal Mail have complete control over postcode date. I have not found a way of [...]