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Archive for October, 2007

Before I used the WWW

My first PC was a 486 DX 33MHz machine with 4Mb RAM, for which I paid £700. It was my first purchase with the wages from a part time job I had at the time. I thought it would be useful if I learned how to use a PC properly. By the time that PC [...]

Dot Con Tales: The Developer

I met my wife in the middle of the dot con boom. One of her friends, at the age of 21 was already a Millionaire… “on paper”. He was a co-owner of a company developing three dimensional browser technologies. They had received a significant investment of venture capital and were moving onto the next stage [...]

Dot Con Tales: The Investor

I recently wrote an article on the theory of the Greater Fool. This reminded me of someone I used to work with who took early retirement from the place we were working at. As part of his retirement package he received a lump sum payment. This person had always played the stock market, and so, [...]

Scammers On Scammers

Last week I got into the worst dispute of my blogging career over something I saw as a scam. During the ensuing “mini flame war” I was told amongst other things that I “get cheap thrills and attention by bashing others” and was attention seeking. Today I see the same blogs involved in that incident [...]