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Archive for September, 2007

100 Posts Old

This is my hundredth post on SiteLogic (and probably my longest!), I don’t know how many more there will be, I tend to blog as and when I feel like it. I have never subscribed to the regular posting schedule idea. I suppose regular posting matters if you want to build RSS readers, but I [...]

After whining about wikis for far to long I thought I’d create my own clone. This one is completely free to list your site on and has do-follow links, like the premium priced wiki’s. Its really aimed a newbie bloggers who want to get their site indexed and introduce themselves… there again anyone can list [...]

Bart, the maverick Polish SEO just pointed out that although Million Dollar Wiki has sold over 900 pages Google has indexed just 269 of which 268 are supplemental meaning they have one page in the Google main index. Add to that the fact that the site does not rank for its own name, and the [...]

Million Euro Wiki Scam

<RANT> I am really tired of the endless stream of cheap scams being promoted by blogs I once considered reputable, the latest of these being the Million Euro Wiki. Even as the Million Dollar Wiki loses its momentum a feeble clone is launched. This is to be expected as the Million Dollar Homepage had hundreds [...]

As an update to my last post on Alexa I thought I would mention that I have run a packet sniffer on my machine to get a better idea of what the search status plugin for Firefox is doing. The packet sniffer I used (darkStat) does not allow you to view the contents of packets, [...]

I am a bit late with this post as Blog Rush Fever has already grippedthe blogsphere, but time is money… and I do not have much time for Blog Rush. I have described Blog Rush as a Pyramid scheme, because of the way it is structured.       Referrals pass credit back 10 levels: [...]