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Archive for August, 2007

The myth of the Alexa re-direct seems to be on the rise again with a number of blogs writing on the subject and various people runing experiments and even writing Alexa WordPress Plugins: The reason I think this is a myth is that I have seen many people try permutations of this trick and none [...]

Free PHP Editors

A while back I read this article on the Aptana IDE which provides a free programming environment for web development / PHP. Aptana promises a great deal for web developers, but is very much work in progress and as of a couple of months ago was missing some basic features like block indentation. That said, [...]

Load time is an important feature of any website, many users will not hang around waiting for your page to load, particularly if they are new to your site. Adding plugin’s, affiliate links, graphics etc. all take their toll and it is worth keeping an eye on your load speeds. First up are a couple [...]

After reviewing a number of freebies available from CleverStat.com I was given an evaluation of one of the paid products to have a look at. Accurate Monitor for Search Engines is a SERP’s analysis tool, i.e. it checks your position in search engines for given terms. This tool will check your SERP’s in pretty well [...]

On July 8th Mr Gary Lee ran a competition giving away an iPhone. That was pretty smart as the iPhone was the gadget to have at the time, and they were in limited supply. Almost three months later, amid concerns that the iPhone mk II would be released before the competition ended Gary has finally [...]

Today I was checking a new site which I have been trying to optimise. Almost all of the pages for this site are still in the supplemental index, and I have been trying to get more links to these pages to get some search engine traffic. To my delight I now see that none of [...]