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Archive for July, 2007

Free Monitor For Google

The final episode of the CleverStat (free) Trilogy is Free Monitor for Google. Free Monitor for Google is a program that helps check your SERPS, i.e. your search engine positioning for different terms. Assuming you know what keywords you are trying to target, you can track them with this program. Again, there are other tools [...]

My last post discussed PaRameter, a free program that allows mass analysis of websites page rank. Back-Links Master is another free product from the same company, which, as the name suggests analysis back-links to a site. As with PaRameter, I assume this software delivers advertisements from time to time, if that is something that concerns [...]

Analysing Websites with PaRameter

In my last post I discussed a little program I use called URL Search which can be used to scrape URL’s before exporting them to a text file. This has a number of uses, but most require further analysis, and for that you may want to check out PaRameter. PaRameter is a free software tool [...]

Several weeks ago Prija from Blogging the Movie mailed me asking for a review for his site, which is all about his grand scheme… making a movie about bloggers. At the time I thought it was a bad plan and declined, I didn’t hear back from him and assumed he’d dropped the crazy scheme Then [...]


Well the SEOLINKPRO train is groaning forward, it is due to be released any time soon and a new SEOLINKPRO tutorial video has been uploaded by Gnarly Guy. Its not for the feint hearted, a few in jokes from Syndk8 included in that, all the way through it in fact. Anyway, this shows a bit [...]


SEOLinkPro is a new link building tool released by the guys at syndk8. If you do not know syndk8, it is a popular black / grey hat forum run by some guy by the name of Earl Grey. Quite an amusing forum, containing lots of edgy humour as well as a lot of useful SEO [...]

Hamlet Batista has a relatively new blog where he discusses search marketing and SEO. A lot of people write about SEO, but Hamlet seems to know a lot more than others blogging on the subject. He provides basic scripts that can be used to analyse log files for keywords and recently published the basis of [...]