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Archive for June, 2007

URL Search is a program that can be used to harvest, process and store lists of URL’s. It is a very powerful little program that I bought a few months for around $25. I cannot remember where I bought it from, I have just Googled and found it for sale on Softpedia, I really cannot [...]

Zuney Tunes

Ms Danielle is giving away a 30 gig Micorsoft Zune she originally won from John Chow. To enter her competition you just have to write a short post linking to her site, like this one… Shes assures me it is working and its just the colour she doesn’t like… I’m not sure I would buy [...]

Pixel Lotto

Some time ago I wrote a post on Pixel Lotto and why I thought it had not worked. Since that time I have been looking at various advertising schemes and affiliate programs, and one thing they all share… even the spammy ones is that clicks / sign ups cannot be incentivised…. and this, in a [...]

I always like reading the about or bio pages on blogs. Unfortunately mine are pretty boring, but this one written by Gary Lee had me laughing: Gary Lee lives in Southern California and currently works for himself as an Internet Marketing/Business Development Consultant after a few years of helping drive an old asian online dating [...]

Dumping Pay Per Post

Peanuts Per Post would be a better use of the three P’s! That is the main reason I dumped Pay Per Post. I just looked at the opportunities open to me and there are none that will pay me more than $10, once converted to pounds Sterling it would barely buy two beers (rip off [...]

Global Translator is a Free WordPress Translation Plugin. As the name suggests, it translates your site into other languages! You can see I now have it installed in my sidebar and although I am displaying only six languages (including my own ), there are several others available depending on whether you use the Google Translation [...]