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Archive for April, 2007

I am really late writing this post so many of you may already be participating in the Technorati Link Train started by Mr. Gary Lee… In short its a kind of chain letter where links and Technorati favourites are exchanged between blogs. So far I have had around 140 people favourite this blog as a [...]

FilePedeia is a download site run by someone I have come to know through blogging, I was interested in his site so offered to review it for him FilePedia lists hundreds of free downloads, but unlike sites such as Download.com or SnapFiles.com, FilePedia uses WordPress blogging software. As it is run as a blog with [...]

A little over a month ago I wrote an article “Agloco Don’t Believe the Hype” in which I mentioned that Agloco had stated they would release the View-Bar by 16/04/07, so today I thought I would check back on their blog to see how they were doing… Apparently Agloco have not yet integrated the View-bar [...]

Danielle runs her own blog offering Blog Marketing Tips for anyone who takes the time to read! When I first read this blog I thought it was a bit on the pink side, and probably wouldn’t be my kinda read however, if you read the “About” page you will see that Danielle is a PPC [...]