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Archive for March, 2007

A few days ago I was working on some code on this site and noticed the MyBlogLog recent visitors widget stopped displaying. Initially I thought I had caused the fault, but after taking code off antoher site I was able to display that other sites list of recent visitors. As this was clearly an issue [...]

Easy Backlinks

Like a lot of sites I am now using the Top Commentors plug in on this blog. As you can see, there are some easy backinks to be had here, so feel free to add yourself to the list! Following suit from other sites I will do a round up of all top commentors, either [...]

Having read SamanaThon.com for a while I thought it was time to talk to him, spurred on by his top commenter’s link back I started chatting with him on his blog. A week or so later he has: Included me in two speed reviews Added me to his blogroll (links) Provided me with a most [...]

Agloco Dont Believe the Hype

There has been a lot of hype around Agloco of late, and little criticism with the exception of this Agloco Review on HTMK.com. Before I discuss why I don’t like Agloco, I will touch on why it is bad for bloggers. As steve from HMTK points out, bloggers and Webmasters stand to lose revenue because [...]

Ja Kel Daily Dot Com

Believe it or not Ja Kel has a spot on the million dollar homepage, good going for a blog given the cost of $100! It was that post that got me reading JaKelDaily.com, as I was interested to hear what traffic from the million dollar homepage was really worth. Like myself, and many other blogger’s [...]

This post describes a method by which will allow you to increase your visibility in Google at zero cost. It is common knowledge that community users (of blogs and Digg) do not click adwords, because: They tend to be more ‘savvy’ than the average Internet user They are information hungry, and particular They know what [...]

Last Year Alex Tew rose to .Com stardom with a simple idea to make one million dollars from a website. His solution was simple, sell one million pixels for one dollar each and make a million dollars, and the rest is history. His next venture www.pixelotto.com did not do so well I first became aware [...]

I was looking on You Tube today and noticed that someone by the name of Markus has posted some CSS tutorials on there. They are not very professional, but they are free, and for someone wanting to learn some of the basics quickly they are well worth a look. You can find the user profile [...]

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