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Archive for March, 2007

I needed IE7 as a site I built for someone a while back was not rendering properly in this browser. I was a bit surprised as I managed to get the site working in IE6 and all other major browsers and ‘thought’ that IE7 was more compliant than IE6. It took longer to download and [...]

Nice4Rice.com is an interesting site, in that it blogs about blogs, giving away Free Blog Reviews and allowing users to vote on which sites they think are best. This is really useful for bloggers, as, they get a free review with inbound links, but can also get additional back-links through commenting, being one of the [...]

Bloggers Know Your Value!

I was recently asked to do a review for a link back with a ‘high traffic blog’. Since JohnChow started doing this a lot of other people seem to be jumping on the bandwagon. The problem with these schemes is that the backlinks from these sites are near worthless, whereas, anchored links from a contextual [...]

Jon Lee has run more than one successful website. He designed his first site at the age of 12, and by the age of 15 he had created a Pokemon site that went on to attract over a million visitors, before being taken down due to “copyright reasons”. As the age of criminal accountability approached, [...]

MyBlogLog Snooping Around!

This is probably old news to anyone who has used MyBlogLog for a while, but, having only used it for a week or two myself I was interested to learn a little more about it. I read a couple of articles suggesting MyBlogLog were actually tracking Adsense clicks on sites, in addition to displaying the [...]

Sponsored Post: How Much Have you Made from Pay Per Post was a question posed by Pay Per Post themselves in an act of self promotion. I have only recently signed up with PPP blog marketing, and this is only my second post, so far I have made just $20. I read recently on HMTK.com [...]

I was browsing another blog a few days ago and noticed they were running “Add Grid Network” adds, so I had a look into it. Add Grid Network places contextual links, similar to Google Adsense, however, instead of getting paid per click, you get add placements on other sites. I had originally seen these adds [...]

ReviewMe Spin Offs

A couple of weeks ago I completed my first ReveiwMe article. The blog it was commisioned on has relatively little traffic but is quite specialised (niche). I realised at the time that the review was not aimed at increasing traffic, but getting better SEO. The review in question was highly relevant to the content of [...]

SEO Network

Hello and welcome to what will hopefully prove a productive venture! It will cost nothing but a little time and effort, and the idea is that all participants derive equal benefit. The idea is to build a network of bloggers from different “spheres” who are prepared to accept and post “SEO” reviews for one another. [...]

Build an SEO Network

I am trying to build a network of bloggers serious about improving the SEO and Google rank of their blogs. Many bloggers are throwing links around like they are going out of fashion, others are behaving in a quite scandalous manner, for example someone on JohnChow.com recently offered $1 to charity for every key-worded back-link [...]

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