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Archive for December, 2006

The fact that there are two distinct disciplines begs the question how do you integrate the two? This has proven a difficult problem to solve, and has resulted in the development of technologies such as JSTL (Java Standard Tag Library), frameworks and completely different architectures for web applications. What these technologies aim to do is [...]

It is possible, but you are likely to become a jack of all trades and master of none. Graphic design and programming are very different skill sets. Both take a long time to learn and are equally difficult in their own way. It is rare that someone has an aptitude for both. A graphic / [...]

Web design is really associated with the use of: XHTML (Extensible Hypertext Markup Language) CSS (Cascading Styles Sheets) JavaScript Graphic design (X)HTML and CSS are languages of a sort. They are not programming languages as they do not control logic or process data. Instead these languages tell a browser what to render on screen. JavaScript [...]

In another post I mentioned W3C tutorials. W3C stands for the World Wide Web Consortium, they set the standards for XHTML and CSS. If your code is W3C valid, then it ‘should’ work well in any browser. To help you create valid code, W3C have created an online validator, which you can either pass URL [...]

How to learn web design

This is a commonly asked question, the answer to which is not simple as there are many different technologies used to create and deploy websites, however the essential technologies are: XHTML (Extensible Hypertext Markup Language) CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) JavaScript (almost essential, you’ll definitely want it, but we’ll leave this for later) XHTML is a [...]