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This is my hundredth post on SiteLogic (and probably my longest!), I don’t know how many more there will be, I tend to blog as and when I feel like it.

I have never subscribed to the regular posting schedule idea. I suppose regular posting matters if you want to build RSS readers, but I have never really cared about that, or traffic to this site in general.tortoise1.jpg

Traffic would be nice of course, but this site does not pay its way, I get over 100x the income per visitor on other sites I have, so investing a disproportionate amount of time in this site makes no sense.

This site has been a great opportunity to network and share ideas with people, and a good place to store my useful links. I often search this site to find tools and tricks I have written about in the past, so I suppose I will continue to maintain it for that reason, if no other.

I started blogging by accident really. I was using WordPress to build MFA sites, as it was a lot easier to work with than Joomla!, and had better templates and SEO.

Having used wordpress for other sites I thought I would try using it on a blog!

My first decent links came from hmtk.com who had a competition going at the time, which I won without realizing I had entered! I think I added him to my technorati favorites not realizing this was the entry requirement, he said he picked my site due to lack of competition! I still read HMTK, its a proper blog, lots of different topics covered. Every once in a while they (it is multi authored now) split off a category into a new blog. I am not sure how many they are up to now, four of five I think. If you are an ordinary blogger wanting to know how to build blogs sustainably and realistically then take a look at that site. There are no short cuts offered on there, just solid info… in between posts on whatever crosses Steve’s mind ;-)

I also commented a lot on Samanathon.com at that time, and started getting link backs in his weekly round ups. Those links were pretty good and Samanathon.com picked up a PR5 shortly afterwards. I dont read Samanathon much these days as he is a Windows man, and I’m more interested in Linux, but he’s a really good guy, by the community for the community so to speak. He built up a ridiculous traffic level and good PR on his blog but never got “precious” about it and was always linking out to friends and noobs alike. Unfortunately Saman chose the western worlds worst host… I don’t know who they are but they are always going down. I cant believe he is still with them, he must have shares!

JonLee.ca was another blog I read a lot as we have some common interests. Jon worked hard on his site (he must have passed 100 posts a long time ago) and wrote a couple of wordpress plugins. He seems to have slacked off a bit now, I think he is making more money with Facebook applications these days! Jons blog has a mainly tech focus and he seems to go through programming languages like my wife go’s through shoes!

Ms Danielle was another site whose blogroll I infiltrated. Danielle writes about her pet rabbit, music and Pay Per Click. Danielle works as a pay per click manager and seems to know her stuff…. at least she hasn’t got the sack yet ;-) That sites always an easy read and engaging, even if your not into rabbits!

Mr Gary Lee single handedly got me more links to this site than I probably have on my own by adding me to one of his viral posts. Gary is a full time Internet marketer and is one to watch in terms of blog promotion. Since taking a new job his blog has dried up a bit. I also know he is working on a community site which has some serious earning potential. Ill be keeping an eye on how he markets that site as marketing is something I know little about. Gary recently gave Yahoo run for their money at an advertisers workshop, asking, amongst other things “why are your bids twice as much as Googles“.

More recently I have been reading hamletbatista.com who has an excellent blog discussing SEO. Having spent a while reading and “trying” to participate on his blog, he now takes the time to answer the odd question for me. The chances of me getting advice from someone like that outside of blogging are Zero. I have never personally met anyone with that level of knowledge. Furthermore, people who possess that knowledge are usually very reluctant to share it. Hamlet has recently written a couple of posts on Automating SEO. This is no accident as Hamlet has some software coming out soon. He is fairly open about the fact that his blog, in part, will be used to promote his software.

Last but not least is fellow European, Bart, from Poland. Bart taught himself English which I really admire, can you imagine trying to learn and blog in Polish? Bart works for himself as an SEO, and whilst not at Hamlets level is certainly no fool. He has given me a lot of advice, only today suggesting some refinements to this blog, and reminding me to use this bad neighborhood checker. His blog possibly has the most character of any I have ever read. He has produced some really funny posts, and pulled some even funnier stunts since I have been reading it. A favorite trick of his seems to be using pin up girls edited with photoshop to add logos for open source applications, then creating posts like “Firefox Girl” or “Ubuntu Girl” to hit Digg. He has pulled some serious traffic with this simple method and is currently in the process of selling some of his websites.

Clearly this is not an exhaustive list of blogs I have read, in fact I don’t read some of these as much as I did. I suppose this is more a list of blogs which I have influencial in some way. Blogs that actually helped shape this one.

For anyone new to blogging my advice would be to seek out sites like these, sites that you genuinely find engaging and just go with it. Forget about traffic and subscribers and see where it leads you. If you spend all your time obsessing over traffic you probably wont get any. Furthermore, don’t expect to earn any money off your blog. I don’t think any of the sites listed earn much money in their own right, HMTK.com is probably the only site that provides a reasonable direct income.

However, consider the fact that Gary Lee’s new employers read his blog before offering him his new job, and the way Hamlet is using his site to network and promote his product and you will realize that the true benefits of blogging are not not confined to adsense dollars.

For my part I am putting everything I have learned from these sites into my next project, which may get me away from MFA sites onto something that actually earns some decent money, if not, its still a good hobby!

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    Comment by HMTKSteve

    I have over 6 blogs at this point and I am about to officially launch my latest one next week. Some of these blogs do well for themselves while others falter.

    Yes, I still have a day job because blogging does not pay the bills. It does buy the occasional Wii game though!

    The best advice I can give is that if you are going to get into blogging write about something you enjoy. That way if it never takes off at least you had fun doing it.

    (Comments wont nest below this level)
    Comment by SiteLogic

    The ones I am aware of are scamstocks, dadsword, hmtk and pokefarm … oh yeah the celebrity cats one, so whats No 6? I did see you mention you were splitting again, but in that post you did not say which category it was ;-)

    Comment by David Hopkins

    Good to see a few more posts coming through. I think Bart and Hamlet have a good chance of making there mark on t’blogosphere. Just hope they don’t turn into a pair of ego bloggers and only reply to comments from John Chow and Shoemoney.

    Check out Pitman.

    (Comments wont nest below this level)
    Comment by SiteLogic

    Your stirring this stuff up more than anyone else now… what the hell was that video about?

    It was interesting to see the cadburys gorilla make it onto tv, I think thats the first viral to make it onto uk tv isnt it?

    This site did well of vids:


    The guy got sponsorship to travel the world making the second one… what a life that would be :mrgreen:

    Comment by David Hopkins

    :razz: OK I’ll hand over the gauntlet for now. The video reminds me a bit of wannabloggers. He is a satirical MC from Coalville in Leicestershie, an alleged relic of Thatcherism.

    Don’t know the Cadbury’s Gorilla. I have abstained from watching the garbage tube since I was about 15. The Matt site looks pretty interesting, I don’t agree with this sstatement though: ‘Matt thinks Americans need to travel abroad more.’ :razz:

    The biggest YouTube name I’ve heard of is Tay Zonday. I didn’t believe that was his real voice either :P .

    Comment by Hamlet Batista

    Jeremy – Thanks a lot for your kind words.

    Just hope they don’t turn into a pair of ego bloggers and only reply to comments from John Chow and Shoemoney.

    David – I don’t think that will ever be my case. Although I started blogging four months ago, I’ve been making more money than JC and SM for a few years now, and that hasn’t changed me a bit. ;-) I live in the third world and I love it here. There are just many things that money can’t buy.

    Comment by David Hopkins

    That’s good to hear. I look forward to many more years of quality blogging over at Hamletbatista.com.

    Comment by SiteLogic

    Thats OK, I enjoy reading your blog a lot, one of the best around.

    Comment by Florchakh


    Jez I am ashamed a little bit and don’t know what to say.

    Thanks :wink:

    Comment by Gary Lee

    dried up a bit was very kind of you . . hahhaha . . .congratulations on the 100 posts . . . that site I have is starting to hit a snag though . . ugh . such a pain . . hope all is well!

    (Comments wont nest below this level)
    Comment by SiteLogic

    Yeah Im fine, sorry to hear about your snag :!:

    Comment by Saman Sadeghi


    Yeah, you were a little too honest :razz:

    My host does suck – I can’t tell you how many problems I’ve had :cry:

    Comment by Jez

    Why dont you move off them? You should be able to zip your files, dump db and move onto another host… you should get away with just changing the database settings on config.php.

    Jon Lee always raves about mediatemple, they look pretty good. I have hosting with hostgator (AFF!!) who are pretty good for a budget host…

    Who are you with BTW?

    Comment by Israel

    I can give you a decent price on my server.. wink wink.

    and congrats on 100 posts, man i aint even close.

    Comment by David Hopkins

    You are doing pretty good with your readers though.

    Comment by SiteLogic

    He has some fancy advertising ;-)

    Comment by Saman Sadeghi

    I’m on 1&1 – and there customer service is awful too! :mad:

    I’m looking into it, I just have a lot going right no…. But it’s on my priority list.

    Comment by David Hopkins

    I’m in the same boat as you Saman. Although I’ve not had so much problem with downtime. The biggest problem I have with 1&1 is they don’t have native PHP5 for managed servers, but for some reason they thought they give it to the share hosts. Luckily I am migrating to a blade server enviroment

    and your right. 1&1 have terrible support, but nearly half as bad as 123-Reg-Pipex. Like Jez I would recomend Host Gator in the US and eHosting in the UK.

    Comment by Saman Sadeghi

    You can tell 1and1′s servers to use PHP5 through your .htaccess file:
    AddType x-mapp-php5 .php

    Other then that, seems like BlueFur is getting some good reviews…

    Comment by HMTKSteve

    I have a dedicated server and as long as you use wp-cache there is no problem with digg. Yes, I do rent out space :)

    Comment by Jon Lee

    Haha thanks for the shoutout Jez. You’re right, I do switch languages all the time but when it comes down to it, all my projects have been in PHP.

    (Comments wont nest below this level)
    Comment by SiteLogic

    Hi John,

    Nice to hear from you, have kinda lost touch lately ;-)

    Have you tried Python, I havent seen you write about that one yet ;-)

    How much is your facebook app earning now, how many users are there?

    Comment by Acopic Web Design

    Congrats on your milestone. Keep up the good work. :wink:

    (Comments wont nest below this level)
    Comment by CHESSNOID

    Hi, I like this post where you mention all the other blogs you have read. I can’t imagine managing multiple blogs. That sounds good if you can make money on them. I do blog for my personal enjoyment which you recommend, so I am on the right track. I do hope you post more often on this site I just stumbled on. Cheers.

    (Comments wont nest below this level)
    Comment by DeMerchant

    Fun not money is the right reason to blog… if you’re in it for the cash most will be dissapointed

    (Comments wont nest below this level)

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